Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Erotic Quiz" Part 2

Part 1:

11. "I feel like I try to make the best of circumstances. "
- Honestly, if that wasn't the core of being to do such, I would be dead already. I am insufferable when it comes to looking for a silver lining so much to the effect that my loved ones force me to stop for fear of my health.

12. "I often I feel I give too much of myself away."
- I'm very aware of the fact that I may center subjects around myself to provide a "stick my neck out there to embarass myself for the sake of providing for a private chance for my quieter friends to have a chance to apply it to themselves in a non-obtrusive manner" sort of technique that may make me appear to be giving over much of myself, but I was never talking about me. I feel I give everything I have and 90% of it goes unnoticed. This frustrates and hurts me to no end,  but I wil not stop, ever.

13. Do you expect a return on curteous efforts?
-Never. It makes me feel like my gesture added guilt to the person and that was never my intention. An occassional overall acknowledgement would do anyone some good from time to time. However, I do expect to not be treated poorly when I do extend those efforts.

14. Is respect earned?
-I find there is a basic level of respect given to any at first, but that level could decline rapidly or increase over time.

15. "Winning comes easily to me."
-So much in fact, I rarely participate in group competition so everyone else stands a chance of having fun. Except bowling. I think that's the one thing I chose to be bad at.

16. "I tend to find other people respond well to my personality."
-Somedays I'm so charming, you'd think I was the antichrist.  And somedays, you'd just think I was the antichrist.

17.  "I am comfortable with my sexuality."
-You have no idea... "Comfort" isn't enough of a word.

18. What is your favorite hobby?
-Video gamez

19. What is your favorite passion?
-The preservation of our home. To reuinite those I care about with their deepest selves I know they feel dwelling within but don't know how to bring themselves out. To liberate those who would use the opportunity to expand and glorfy the beauteous world around them. I strive for harmony, balance, and truth. That is my passion.

20. What is your favorite food?
-I gotta be honest, Nathan's cooking which has no definable perimeters... but after that, vegetarian Greek and Lebanese.

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