Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Poem and Something Not Quite

(Both written originally on April 6th.)

Lords of illusion
Entangled in shadow.
Some are back from the dead
Disturbing the trampled leaves of tomorrow.

In their wake
They reveal your strings.
Upon their command, you quake,
Fearing what their wrath brings.

The gods of yesterday,
They are vengeful and cold.
No one can match
The power of centuries old.

                                              Better do what you're told.


If you want to break the curse
You must first pay what is due.
Lest the darkest of follies and fancies will pursue.

What is this thing in your head?
It twists.  It turns.  It stabs.
Whilst invoking purest dread.

Sad thing is,
(and you know it's true...)
Here I am,
Still telling you.

Aw, do we need the answer?
What an incomprehensible surprise.
Alas, it is why you are in defeat, I surmise.

What is that pain in your spine?
(I think you're aware.)
It's made of two parts and grows on the vine.
Its taste does not compare.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I don't want to title this.

Generally speaking, I'm a very angry and frustrated individual.  Part of me would like to write that off as simply being a necessary evil to the standard artist paradigm, but honestly, when has "standard" ever been synonymous with "Christine"?

Truth of the matter is, there's a reason some successful artists are in galleries, whilst others are Andy Warhol.  Not that I am suggesting I am or will be either of those things because I know I am something else entirely, and anyone who's gotten to know me a little bit cannot deny, that's true.  I love that part about being me, just to throw that out there.

Why am I prefacing the point with this seeming, "justification clause?"  Because I'm about to say some things that will make people who are not honest with themselves very insecure and thus, angry with me.  Don't you love how that works?

My entire life I have been searching for someone who could ease my anxiety of the difference between myself and others.  No matter who've I encountered, no matter how dear to me, one fact remains constant... I know better.

I'm not implying that I'm perfect, nor that I don't make mistakes but in the words of Anthony Keidis, "... universally speaking I win in the long run."

Point being, I perceive so much about other people.  So much I know they will never come to know or recognize in themselves because they're not even aware that such a factor is defined or exists.  I see the sum of their persons, why they have the physical ailments they do, why they're in a bad relationship, why they're depressed, why everything.  Every choice I watch people make, I can reassure you I can explain the motives better than they can.  If you don't believe me, I seriously don't care.

I'd reassure you to have a conversation with me and find out for yourself in the past.  "Anyone who knows me, holds no resentment for me making such commentary because of the basic truth of it."  Although that all may be true, I simply don't want to at this point.  I am officially jaded.

Most people drive me insane anymore.  The dullness of their existence, how they can't see 5 inches in front of their noses.  People smell rancid to me anymore.  Truthfully, I've always felt this way, but I suppose the child in me wanted to believe in the possibility of that not being the case with a select few... fortunately, my child was right... usually is.  The only difference now is that I'm posting it online for anyone to read and get offended by.  That is another matter entirely, really.

I won't give up fighting for humanity though, even though, I believe with all of my heart they don't deserve it anymore.  I won't stop fighting because I want us to be human again.

"Standard Facebook Bathroom Mirror Photo #364"