Sunday, November 23, 2014

I wouldn't waste your time...

A finite system of checks and balances,
Do exhaust.
Working tirelessly
For those who don't even know
They're lost.

What a grandiose claim!
How inordinately vain!

Silly fool,
My heart bleeds for you.

The difference of what you displace
Will invert and fuck up your already
questionable face.

Unaware tool,
My heart resents you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


In the ultimate pursuit to denote the self from the concept of God, humanity as a whole has taken "individuality" (which is what that is) to wasted heights.
Meaning, I see so many striving so hard to be completely 100% original that the utter rejection of everything that has come before has led us to no meaning.  "For the sake of it." Wee.  How fulfilling.

The boiling point has already passed and there is no turning back.  Just lay down.  It'll be easier. Humans like easy.

I laugh so much at this ludicrous reawakened desire to pursue fantasy, "art,"...... everyone longing for images of our glorious past... because we don't or can't accept that moving forward in the timeline, doesn't always mean it's better.  But we won't obtain this... no because we would have to accept that we're wrong now... and then even if we do that, then we got to fix it all...

Good luck with that.

This rejection of everything before us because it's not "now" or "part of progress" (which is a fucking slogan, not something people actually deconstruct and think about)... that'll be our graves.


And you know why I can post this??? BECAUSE NO ONE LOOKS 5 INCHES IN FRONT OF THEIR NOSES!!!
Not even my damn parents whom I've directed this way many times in desperate attempts to get them to engage on a meaningful level.  And people wonder why I don't call them.  Why I seriously am just going to pack my shit one of these days and not look back,,, not even once.