Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blatant Truth

I have spent a considerable amount of time fretting in tumultuous anxiety as to how to approach this current topic for well over four months now.  It's not my intention to begin so ambiguously but due to my honest intentions, it must be so.  Speaking of my intentions, I will state them outright before I begin.

This blog is intended to inform and expose the truth.  It is NOT intended to be a petty and slanderous rebuttal to people who honestly don't deserve those efforts to begin with anyway.

With that, I will begin...

A picture is worth a thousand words, so allow me to give you all not one, but several.

Recognize this place?  I hardly do.  This was once the home of my family and of my childhood.  I, myself, had lived there from the age of 8 until I was 19.  Not only was this my place of cherished memories but it served as one for countless people as well.  It was a home away from home (or in some cases more of a home) for handfuls of my friends.  My grandparents lived here for 7 years.  Other members of my family have spent considerable time here.  It was a safe haven.  A gathering place for holidays, famous parties and bonfires, and a healing environment when our entire family needed comfort most.

I know, without an unquestionable doubt that many people value this little sanctuary perhaps almost as much as I do and will be just as offended and appalled when they witness what had become of it.

Repulsed yet?  Come on in! It gets better...

So, there are tons more pictures, but I just can't bare to post anymore.  I don't believe more evidence of the profane filth these creatures left behind is necessary.

I tremble as I write and post these pictures.  My chest burns and my stomach turns.  And this is coming from me.  I don't place too high a value on material possessions and places.  They come and go and nothing lasts forever.  I had to let go and move on from nearly everything when I moved to Florida.  My only wish was to see my family be free from the burden of Northwest Ohio and that which was so they could move on too.

But this has been going on for months.  It has been the plague of my family and the blessed souls who have done everything in their part to help my family recover.

And in case you're uncertain, because I have yet to say, this is the result of tenants that my parents had rented to for 6 months.  These photos don't account for the reputed stench that would hit your face as soon as you entered (actually a few people who helped clean up this PIGG-stye remarked that the smell of cat urine and feces -which was everywhere, including the cats that went with it- could be smelled before entering).  They also don't account for the precipitous stress that my parents endured and thusly all of those who truly care about my family, or maybe even just other people who care about goodwill towards fellow man in general.

I have so much I could say.  So much anger-inspired words, further details in the likeness of these people using their children as pawns, lies about illnesses (and just about everything else), heavy denial, and lies.  So many lies.  I have witnessed the evidence from first and second hand accounts from more than just my parents.  Fortunately, justice has been served, but my voice deserved to be heard as well.

Now that the storm has mostly passed I am still left flabbergasted.  I am very hurt for reasons I choose not to disclose and I will forgive, but I will never forget.