Friday, May 24, 2013

Drivel and Nonsense

Be humbled when Eros dances.
Smile in the presence of something beautiful.
Feel overjoyed and comforted.

Do not conjure conspiracy because love scares you so.
Why does it?

Insecurity has no place here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yay for Cancer

It may just be my humble opinion, but I have come to find that one's ability to see the truth is intrinsically tied to the length in which they can see past themselves.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shh! Ti's a Secret!

    Unmatched by the somber song sang by the clearing of moon-lit storm clouds  her eyes stretched their sights past the sleeping, shiftless horizon.  In that wake of the cooling calm that follows a true force of the Goddess, the planet was still.

    A moment between inhalation and exhalation... Yet she couldn't remember if breathing was something she could do.

    What was she going to do?

    Fae Albion unhinged the clasp to her silver-lined cloak and flung it onto the downtrodden, gnarled root of the great white oak that overlooked the forest.  Reaching into the outer side of her right boot she revealed a dainty yet deathly dagger.

   Without hesitation, she proceeded to seize the whole of her waist-length, silver hair and ripped the dagger straight through it.

    "You won't miss it as much as you may fear."  A shaggy, red-haired man ended the silence, approaching her from behind.

    No emotion could be traced in her voice but she responded soulfully, "My fears only center around what it represents."

    Neither of them spoke.

    "Albeit, I also fear that you will miss it more than I."  She skillfully changed the subject.