Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paper Toys

There are always moments in life where everything that has been culminating, either by your own hands or by forces outside of your own, reaches its point of convergence. 

I've seen all of these relevant factors, or "forces" if you will, moving, all like separate ongoing and expanding lines, each with their own color and meaning.  Like waiting for the car crash you see coming long before anyone else does, if you've ever experienced such a thing, I've known these forces would collide inevitably at some point.  I just didn't know when, and I just didn't know it would hurt so much.

I suppose had I been forewarned of the strife that was necessary to become what I have and to continue down this path, I may have reconsidered everything.  Yet, I don't regret a thing.

Nonetheless, the immediate retaliation to finally coming to full terms and acceptance to what has happened in the past 2 years lead to some... unexpected results.

Being immensely frustrated (down right anxiety ridden) with the massive "to-do" list that had accumulated from that time, I instinctively knew I just had to make something for myself for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that I wanted to do it.

So I made paper dolls...
My paper doll's sexual prowess is too much for the internet to handle...

 Yeah, of course his too.

They more or less fully articulate and everything except Nathan's facial hair is interchangeable.  Why paper dolls?  Why do people live vicariously through their children?

Or even through fictional stories on television, or heaven forbid, a book?

Perhaps it's just that somewhere along the way people somehow never acquire or lose the ability to express it themselves.
And that is genuinely sad.

Live vicariously through me if you must but I think everyone should find their own paper doll.

These paper dolls are now muses for probably most of my personal costumes to come.  I've already started working on a costume for Halloween based on the first image.  They've re sparked just enough fire in my life to light everything else.  Oh, what a little fun for the sake of fun will do for you.