Sunday, April 26, 2015

Making Fantasy Reality

Alright, I know I've whined on numerous occasions about NOT posting anymore of my work for reasons you can backlog for yourself in this blog if you're truly interested... but I knew even then, that was complete and utter bullshit... when it's something I'm really excited about at least, for instance:

Lately, one of my many current obsessions has been doll customization.  On the doll herself, I made everything (save my friend's beautiful crochet heart lace that lines the bottom of the dress) including an under chemise, a top bodice, sleeves, bottom skirt, headdress, re-plugged her hair, and "decorated" her face with some paint n' pigments.  Her entire outfit is completely designed by me and hand-stitched based on my idea of the "Red Queen" from Alice in Wonderland... not to be confused with "The Queen of Hearts."  Of course, there's lots of hidden, fun symbolism in there as always and I mean so much more than I superficially imply.  This in a way though, is my own character based on a most obvious, and otherworldly shining figure of history.  If you don't know who I'm talking about  LEAVE NOW AND NEVER RETURN!  I'm serious.

Oh yes, and most recently, I made her her neck "ruff" out of the weirdest stuff... some "puffy paint" and some wire.  It was fun.

I've done several others that are rather elaborate and definitely photo worthy, but this is my current favorite.  I may get around to posting the others, but I'm always moving forward so quickly on so many things that you'll probably just see the new stuff if you're lucky.

Now, the scene was assembled by myself but without my husband these photos would not be even NEAR as spectacular as what they are.  Somewhere between his current new obsession with the particulars of the camera and his longstanding, always developing relationship with Photoshop...
Oh the possibilities.

And these aren't even his "fun" edits...  This one here we have dubbed the "Skyrim edit."